My Professional Passions

Nutrition Motivator • Intuitive & Empathetic Health Educator • Project Manager
I love working to promote healthy lifestyles; to educate and motivate those who need help managing chronic conditions.
I blend professional intuition with empathy and balance this with the communication skills I've developed as a published writer and creative marketer.

How Food Changed My Life

My interest working to promote fresh and high quality foods stems from the experience I had making my first pot of French onion soup with a friend’s father when I was 18.

I had never held a chef’s knife in my hand, never properly chopped up an onion, and was amazed to learn they really did make you cry just like in cartoons when you sliced through their many layers of skin.

When he handed me the whole bag, I thought he had to be crazy, but I got a lot of practice in that day, carefully peeling, slicing, and chopping.

And then came the slow caramelization process on the stove in the heavy enameled stock pot on the burner, with the brown bubbling butter and constant stirring to ensure the onions achieved that perfect translucent quality before they started becoming golden and then finally, tipped with molasses.

Add the stock, seasonings, and another hour of simmering to gently reduce the broth on the stove before it was done. Something so simple turned into something amazingly wonderful. How could I not fall in love? It seemed beautifully poetic that my soup started with tears had ended with something that basically changed my life.

My fascination with developing quality food brought me into the field of nutrition, but my experiences talking about it with others have led me to realize working to educate about health and nutrition is my greatest passion for work.

My goal: to develop an in-house wellness department that exists year-round within a company, utilizing my experience as a health coach and biometric screener as well as education in nutrition and extensive background career in communication and marketing. Companies utilizing wellness educators have happier and healthier employees, as well as reduced absences, illnesses, and insurance rates.

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My Nutrition Projects

Have faith in your gut and it will lead you to better health.

Most people know what it’s like to have a “gut feeling.” We work on instinct and make decisions, sometimes on the fly, based on what we know to be true inside. The phrase “gut feeling” isn’t far off, but to be closer to the reality of things, we should be talking about our “gut thinking.” That’s because our “guts” have much in common with our brains, in fact half of our nerve cells exist in our abdominal region.

Additionally, more than half of our serotonin receptors reside in our gastrointestinal tract, which may go a long way in explaining why we have upset stomachs or butterflies when we’re nervous or under stress.

So it’s time to start thinking with our gut by making better food choices so we can lead healthier lives. These are things that aren’t that hard to learn, and if you trust your gut, you may realize it’s smarter than you think.

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