23, MTHFR, and Me

My latest obsession is learning about methylation, epigenetics, and how our genes may be expressed to affect our health, nutritionally. Two years ago I received a kit from my brother for Christmas for 23andMe’s service to evaluate my genome, collected from a spit sample.

It wasn’t until recently that I’ve realized that one of my biggest goals going into studying nutrition is to learn how the different processes of metabolism affect our health status, and what might tie many diverse disease states together. Suddenly, now that I’m beginning to understand the functioning of MTHFR mutations (methyltetrahydrafolate reductase) that I feel I may be seeing a connection. Conditions such as spina bifida and migraines, fibromyalgia and hyperlipidemia, spontaneous abortion and inflammatory gastrointestinal disease, and autism may all have this common bond.

Seems worth it to invest the time to learn as much as possible. I hope wherever I work, I am able to keep learning about this nascent and important field that sucks me into my research for hours on end!

Favorite sites so far include 23andMe.com, SNPedia.com (Promethease), and GeneticGenie.org. They all help take raw data from 23andMe and translate it into understandable information.

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