A few thoughts after working my first health screening.

health solutions name tag stephanie bird BS nutrition and food scienceI just spent an intense week working a health screening at the “Health Coach” table. My job was to give clients their lab results we’d run on the spot, as a requirement for their insurance, and then give them a quick rundown as to what the results meant, and clues to actions they could take to improve their results for the future.

While working with all these people (estimate of 350 people I saw over five days) I figured out something valuable about myself. A radiology tech who also went through the screening pointed out that she likes her job because she gets to help a bunch of people for short amounts of time, rather than doctors/nurses/etc. who follow patients through illness or months/years of care. I *like* that – the turnover – as I feel discouraged working with the same person, over time, especially if they don’t progress.

I do really have a soft spot for being compassionate and empathetic with people for short amounts of time. I love interacting with them, even for just a few minutes, and figuring out what might crack them up or draw them in.

For example, today, I was going over results with a man who was tracking the Tour de France, and while we were talking, the race was won, so we got all excited about that, before going back to his lab results.

Two people came over (not at the same time) and sat down and told me they knew I was going to tell them they were fat, and I said no, I wasn’t going to do that. By the end of their sessions, both of them said, surprised, “Hey, you didn’t tell me I was fat!” and I said, “I told you I wasn’t going to.”

I got a handful of “God bless!” or “Bless you” and an occasional touch on my shoulder of appreciation or friendliness from people when we were done, as I told them to have a fantastic Friday.

Several people who sat down with me went from expressionless like stone to animated during the 3-5 minutes we were together.

It was absolutely great. I want to do this again!

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