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Introducing a New Website:; Updates

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I recently have been focusing my efforts on building content on both of my nutrition-related websites, and now the new Both focus on health for the individual through nutrition, with emphasis on restricted diets because of food intolerance, allergy, or a primary health condition that requires food be restricted. Recent articles I’m proud of include: How It Is Possible To Be Fat and Healthy–A Body Advocacy Primer: — Are Corn, Rice, and Sorghum Really Gluten-Free? Are “Ancient […]

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Trends in Health Coaching at Corporate Events

I’ve worked six biometric screenings at various companies now, including an Adventist Hospital, HP, JohnsManville, Recology, and Con-Way trucking company. I really enjoy the interaction with the people I’m meeting, and how diverse each group of people seems to be. It’s fun to see how people connect the dots of their test results with their activities and diets. It’s also interesting to see trends in people’s results, and seeing how they differ from company to company, and how they are the […]

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A few thoughts after working my first health screening.

I just spent an intense week working a health screening at the “Health Coach” table. My job was to give clients their lab results we’d run on the spot, as a requirement for their insurance, and then give them a quick rundown as to what the results meant, and clues to actions they could take to improve their results for the future. While working with all these people (estimate of 350 people I saw over five days) I figured out […]

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Gluten-Free and Fad Diets

A couple of years back, I was eating at the Old Spaghetti Factory with my mom, and I ordered the gluten-free pasta with browned butter and Mizithra cheese (delicious, by the way!) and I noticed the lady across the aisle ordered the same meal. However, she split the loaf of bread that came with the meal with her dining companion, making the GF pasta pointless. While I’m grateful for the influx of GF foods lately (even Pillsbury has gotten on the GF […]

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“Sugar… aw honey, honey…”

Did you know there is such a thing as “carrot honey” and it’s highly prized among honey connoisseurs? My latest Localicious column is up online at North State Parent magazine. This is a fun job! I’m enjoying writing about food for this regional magazine in hopes that someone sees something new and enjoys what I have written, which is influenced by what I’ve learned through my studies the last few years. Valentine Honey For Your Sweetie is in the February issue […]

Photography: Riding the Coattails of Musicians

I may have mentioned before that I am, among many things, a music geek. When I need to know the facts about a song or artist, I go to and search it out. My husband and his friends actually refer to this when they are looking up a particular artist, say Steely Dan or Sloan, as “” and “” So I was pretty excited to discover, randomly, that I am referenced on Yes, there is an “!” OK, […]

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Fall Into Winter Vegetables

My first article for North State Parent came out this week. North State Parent is a monthly free magazine that is distributed through the northern counties of California. The women who started it wanted to put together a resource for parents as well as promote a healthful lifestyle. The column I will contribute to is called “Localicious,” which I’ve been lucky enough to be quoted in two times previously. I’m excited about my first article, Fall-Into-Winter Vegetables, as this time […]

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New Writing Gig – North State Parent magazine

I just got the opportunity to start writing the “Localicious” column in the monthly magazine, North State Parent. I’m excited and honored for the opportunity! My first article will come out in the November issue, which is available online and in print, several places around the four northern California counties the magazine covers. Looking forward to adding some nutritious tips for parents who are looking for a way to broaden their kids’ palettes. My other goals are to give recipes […]

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Nutrition Eggs-pert

I just got the link to an article about eggs in which I was quoted as a “Nutrition Expert,” in North State Parent magazine. The funny thing is I have been avoiding eggs in my diet for the last several months, ever since I noticed they seemed to intensify my allergies. I’m not allergic to eggs, but egg whites are naturally high in histamine, which is the substance our bodies create in excess when we are reacting to a foreign […]

LinkedIn Update

It’s been a busy summer! I have been working on various projects for companies and friends, consulting and working on some marketing pieces as well. I wanted to let you know I customized my LinkedIn profile URL to match my Twitter, which is now: Please feel free to link up with me if you’d like to know more about my professional experience. I hope everyone is well!