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Missing Making Music

So many things I have learned the last few years have really amazed me but nothing, more so, than picking up playing the bass. I had played piano as a kid, from ages 5 through 14, violin from 9 through 12, and viola from 12 through 18. My big goal was to get to play with the Chico Symphony at Laxson, which I did in my final concert when I graduated from high school, and then I toted my viola […]

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Requisite Social Networking Kitty Blog

Well, I’m finally admitting to my vanity blog, my goal of adding more cute little kitty photo to the web on The Cat Birdini Seat. I probably wouldn’t have made the admission, but one of my guys, Yapper-Pants (even my cats and dog have pseudonyms on Facebook – I’m a protective-pet owner) just climbed up into that giant cat scratcher wonderland in the sky on June 3, and I miss the little bugger even more than I thought I would. After […]

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Finding Ways to Freshen the Message

One of the biggest little secrets you don’t hear about when you first become a content developer is you have to keep it fresh. Not just what you’re talking about, meaning the subject matter and how you present it, but how you word it as well. And this can get overwhelming! In my last job, one of my greatest personal challenges wasn’t getting my own writing done, but managing the sheer volume of content delivered to me from other companies. […]

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Why You Should Go Back To School (If You Get The Chance!)

Yesterday, I met up at the T-Bar with someone who had been a professor of mine the first semester I went back to school at California State University, Chico (CSUC) spring semester, 2010, and we had some cold green tea beverages and gossiped about our personal lives and how students were likely to be wearing headbands à la Great Gatsby next semester, as was already visible from the patio. Among other things, we talked about my job search and I […]

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Mom’s Made Dads Day with Gluten-Free Pancakes

This Saturday, my husband and I decided to treat ourselves to one of our favorite breakfasts sides: Mom’s Ham Hash at Mom’s Restaurant in downtown Chico, CA. I don’t usually go for a big breakfast but I occasionally enjoy a cup of super-charged coffee and hashed up potatoes with onions and ham, with a few polka dots of Tabasco sauce sprinkled on the top, crispy layer. This Saturday, we arrived to find a subtly changed menu. Since the Ham Hash […]

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The Day Hit 300 Likes

Today, my Facebook group, Gut Thinking: Interstitial Cystitis, Gluten & Nightshade Free hit 300 followers, and I’m psyched, because it only took a couple of years of heartfelt posts about diet, conditions, and products that I have found interesting to get 300 people out there in Facebook land to follow my humble little group. Now, on retrospect, I would have named it a little more smartly, but at the time, I was trying to cover the bases and make sure […]

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Analytics and Gut Thinking

About four years ago, I decided to start a blog called Gut Thinking©. The idea being that we all have “gut feelings” and half the serotonin in our body exists in our gut, plus all the variations on idioms using our guts to make decisions and having butterflies in our stomachs, it seemed like a pretty obvious decision. And so far, it’s done fairly well, considering I have neglected the blog more than I’d like to admit. I also have […]

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I did it!

It’s official—I now have my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science, Dietetics, from California State University, Chico! Here’s a picture of me from just after the ceremony on Saturday, May 25, 2013. I’m proud of myself 😀 Some thoughts: I want to take all my passion and knowledge of food allergens and people’s allergic and intolerant reactions and work with quality assurance and marketing to create a line of products that will fill a whole new niche in […]

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Good Post about Gluten Reactions

Not everyone who has celiac disease or reacts to gluten reacts in the traditional way. I try to explain this when I talk to them about it but generally get the same pre-printed speech about the disease, “it’s all in your gut.” It’s not. Here’s a good article talking about just that. Also, I find myself feeling mixed feelings about companies making so many gluten-free products available these days. Yes, it’s helpful for those who need them. No, it’s not […]

Finished My Last Final Tonight!

I finished my last final tonight! That means Saturday, I’ll be walking up to the stage and receiving my diploma and hearing Sir Edward Elgar – Pomp and Circumstance March No.1 (YouTube link – 6:11) in my head the whole time, something I learned to play on my viola senior year for the statewide high school symphony, held at the University of the Pacific (UOP). I had no idea it was so intense before that point, musch like college itself. If […]

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