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Trends in Health Coaching at Corporate Events

I’ve worked six biometric screenings at various companies now, including an Adventist Hospital, HP, JohnsManville, Recology, and Con-Way trucking company. I really enjoy the interaction with the people I’m meeting, and how diverse each group of people seems to be. It’s fun to see how people connect the dots of their test results with their activities and diets. It’s also interesting to see trends in people’s results, and seeing how they differ from company to company, and how they are the […]

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A few thoughts after working my first health screening.

I just spent an intense week working a health screening at the “Health Coach” table. My job was to give clients their lab results we’d run on the spot, as a requirement for their insurance, and then give them a quick rundown as to what the results meant, and clues to actions they could take to improve their results for the future. While working with all these people (estimate of 350 people I saw over five days) I figured out […]

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Good Post about Gluten Reactions

Not everyone who has celiac disease or reacts to gluten reacts in the traditional way. I try to explain this when I talk to them about it but generally get the same pre-printed speech about the disease, “it’s all in your gut.” It’s not. Here’s a good article talking about just that. Also, I find myself feeling mixed feelings about companies making so many gluten-free products available these days. Yes, it’s helpful for those who need them. No, it’s not […]

23, MTHFR, and Me

My latest obsession is learning about methylation, epigenetics, and how our genes may be expressed to affect our health, nutritionally. Two years ago I received a kit from my brother for Christmas for 23andMe’s service to evaluate my genome, collected from a spit sample. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve realized that one of my biggest goals going into studying nutrition is to learn how the different processes of metabolism affect our health status, and what might tie many diverse […]

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New lower 23andMe prices

Some people might find getting a report of their genetic information, including risks for certain diseases and carrier statuses, an unusual xmas gift. However, two years ago, that’s what my brother and sister-in-law got me, knowing how intrigued I am by unlocking our genetic code. There are several companies online now offering this service if you spit into a tube and mail it in, and 23andMe is one of the best known. Until recently, the basic kit cost $299 which […]

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