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Trends in Health Coaching at Corporate Events

I’ve worked six biometric screenings at various companies now, including an Adventist Hospital, HP, JohnsManville, Recology, and Con-Way trucking company. I really enjoy the interaction with the people I’m meeting, and how diverse each group of people seems to be. It’s fun to see how people connect the dots of their test results with their activities and diets. It’s also interesting to see trends in people’s results, and seeing how they differ from company to company, and how they are the […]

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Why You Should Go Back To School (If You Get The Chance!)

Yesterday, I met up at the T-Bar with someone who had been a professor of mine the first semester I went back to school at California State University, Chico (CSUC) spring semester, 2010, and we had some cold green tea beverages and gossiped about our personal lives and how students were likely to be wearing headbands à la Great Gatsby next semester, as was already visible from the patio. Among other things, we talked about my job search and I […]

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