Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics as a career

chico california map locationThe more I study, the more I find myself wondering if anyone out there with experience in epigenetics/nutrigenomics (ahem, UC Davis!) and as such, is it possible to have a career in this field without having a graduate degree? Or is it possible to find a job where I could be gainfully employed *and* working my way toward a graduate degree in this field? Because I have a fire lit under me and that makes me exactly the type of person you want studying such things.

In one of my classes, we were asked to think of what our actual dream career would be, even if it was scary and seemed impossible, because that is the direction we really ought to head. Right now, I am living in Chico, California, and I realize to follow this dream may very well take me out of this region. I’m hoping to hear back from others who have good feedback for me in these fields.

I would love to learn about regions in the West Coast that are looking into the study of epigenetics and nutrigenomics because I am fascinated and at that “a-ha!” moment where I’m making all kinds of connections in these two areas of science, especially as gene expression is affected by the nutrients we take in. Sometimes, the very nutrients we push for as specialists in nutrition, may be causing us more harm than good. One such example is pressing women to meet folic acid needs when they need methylfolate because they have MTHFR mutations.

Please let me know what you think! I’m very excited about these fields and would love to work to learn more, to work with people on the cutting edge, and to find the answers that improve health and lower healthcare costs for as many people as possible.

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