Final Semester! Spring 2013

117 days until graduation!

I’m really glad I decided to take advantage of this time to go back to school and learn something new. I love what I’ve been learning about dietetics and food science and hope to do great things with my education. I also hope to continue work in the fields I worked before, including marketing and writing, which I think could all be integrated well in my career.

I realized the other day that out of all my family members (for about 3 generations), everyone got advanced degrees in language, religious studies, or went through the military. Only my brother and I differed — he got a degree in mathematics and I, in science. I wonder why we are bucking the trend?

At any rate, I am looking down the road at the finish line and I’m excited. Many things to do this semester. I’ll need to connect with employers, as well as work an externship, and hopefully work on an independent project with a professor. Wish me well! 🙂

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