Goal: New Job by June 1!

Stephanie Bird food science and promotionWednesday, the 9th, I met with my career counselor at CSUC, and we discussed my goal: determining the best strategies as to how I should present myself to find that awesome job and have it all set up for when I graduate.

I considered it a good omen that I found my newly minted box of business cards on my front porch as I walked out the door to head to my appointment.

While I was excited by some of the ideas my counselor, Ken Naas, had for me, I was even more excited by the strategies he proposed. And the kinds of workplaces he had come up with, which I hadn’t even thought of, which included looking into the many olive oil companies cropping up around the north valley. Why hadn’t I thought of olives? This land is thick with olives! Three off the top of my head include Lucero Olive Oil, California Olive Ranch, and California Olive Oil Company. And, olives are awesome; I use locally grown, extra-virgin olive oil daily, and enjoy nothing more than a deliciously brined and stuffed gourmet green olive. (My husband prefers those with pits – no one’s perfect.)

Anyway, as break continues, I plan on writing up some ideas and strategies to present to potential employers I hope to meet over the coming months. Until then, you can download my virtual business card above! And, please, only serious inquiries – I’m on a minute plan, ‘k? I’ll pony up for a real plan when you hire me 😉

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