Good Post about Gluten Reactions

Not everyone who has celiac disease or reacts to gluten reacts in the traditional way. I try to explain this when I talk to them about it but generally get the same pre-printed speech about the disease, “it’s all in your gut.”

It’s not. Here’s a good article talking about just that.

Also, I find myself feeling mixed feelings about companies making so many gluten-free products available these days. Yes, it’s helpful for those who need them. No, it’s not helpful if people aren’t going to take the time to make sure the quality is there, ensuring the product meets the specs required to call them “gluten-free”, something still not figured out by the FDA (something I’d like to work with, in a Quality Assurance position).

Take the two minutes to read it. It’s worth thinking about and wondering what we could do to improve the way we handle food preparation and production for those with celiac disease. Because those are some scary symptoms. Education is worth its weight in gold. Get it out there. Even to yourself.

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