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Gut Thinking GutThinking logoI recently have been focusing my efforts on building content on both of my nutrition-related websites, and now the new Both focus on health for the individual through nutrition, with emphasis on restricted diets because of food intolerance, allergy, or a primary health condition that requires food be restricted.

Recent articles I’m proud of include:

Gut Thinking has been online since 2008, and Darn Gluten! was started earlier this month, January 2015. The idea is to collect relevant information in one place for people to use as a reference, sifting through information to obtain scientific explanations if possible. Some articles are based on anecdotal experience, as many measure their success through subjective reactions. Every effort will be made to dig into the scientific rationale behind subjects discussed, and hopefully, community and conversation will follow.

Gut Thinking’s Instagram is @GutThinking and Twitter is @GutThinking

Darn Gluten!’s Instagram is @DarnGluten and Twitter is @DarnGluten

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