LinkedIn All-Star: Can I Add That to My Résumé?

Today marks the one month countdown to graduation from my return to school and completion of my Nutrition and Food Science/Dietetics program. In my flurry of trying to complete projects and study for that final round of midterms before finals, completing papers, and finishing those PowerPoint Presentations for projects, I am also trying to make the most of my spare time to make sure I have everything I need on my résumé so I am putting forth the most complete look of myself I can, not just a one-dimensional, flat on paper (or monitor) view of the person I have created over the years I’ve devoted to writing, editing, marketing, and studying science and nutrition.

LinkedIn All-StarAnd then there’s this game I’ve been playing with myself on LinkedIn.

Does LinkedIn really mean anything to anyone? I don’t know! But for some reason, it’s been so important to me for some silly reason to hit 200 connections by the time I complete my degree (I have!) and to fill in every nook and cranny with information about myself (I think I have done that as well) that I have now even been considered by LinkedIn as an “All-Star.” But what does that mean??? Is there something better? Could I be a “Superhero?” “Master of the Universe?” Why do I really care? There’s this circle on the right that proclaims my status and it’s not quite filled to the very top and that’s why I am left with this question. What does it take to fill my LinkedIn circle: winning a Nobel Prize?

I joined LinkedIn several years ago when I was working at Improvement Direct, so that I could keep in touch with professional connections I’d made through the years at various workplaces, and with people I’d met at conferences and other meetings. When I went back to school, I found it was a highly promoted way to help with a job search and then, once a job is found, used to help refer other people who you link with who may need some help getting their foot in the door. So I firmly believe it’s a good use of webspace and plan on sticking around, whether or not I get to the bottom of this “All-Star” business or not.

I am having a good time with it. And I hope I’m not just shouting into the dark.

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