Free to Eat Differently / Article for the Lay Public

NFSC 460: Nutrition Counseling and Education
Skill Area: Community Nutrition/Nutrition Education

Assignment Title: “Free to Eat Differently”

What I learned: Reinforced techniques for getting quotes and composing an article based on a subject of somewhat popular public interest, to be delivered in a mode that is easily readable and requires little- to no-prior knowledge of the subject discussed.

Reflection to assignment: Writing for the lay public assumes the consumer reads at a certain level, providing inspiring and easily processed information. This can be a daunting task even if one is comfortable with writing, because the style is lighter and “dumbed-down” without being condescending, which can be difficult to master after writing more technical pieces and scientific papers. Articles like this are relatable and fun and make up the bulk of writing found on the Internet, magazines, and health/living sections of newspapers, so they reach a wide audience.

Relevance to the profession: These types of articles provide an excellent way to make contact with potential clients and customers, because it sets up a problem and then shows how one can resolve it, while still leaving room for more interest and further contact. As such, they provide great marketing and advertising potential for any practice or business. They also work well as communication pieces for organizations, and people wanting to address health issues.

NFSC 460 Food Media Article