Brazil: The Culture Leading to the Cuisine / Cultural Foods Presentation

NFSC 429: Cultural Foods 

Skill Area: Multicultural

Assignment Title: South American Presentation, Brazil

What I learned: Better comprehension and presentation skills of an unfamiliar part of the world, including interviewing and developing a presentation and bringing in other visual aids to enhance comprehension and increase attention span of the audience. Personally, I learned about the regional foods of the Capitol region of Brazil, and the focus of the the foods consumed during the festivals and special evens, especially the emphasis of family on the people of this region of South America, food, and festivities.

Reflection to assignment: I really enjoyed interviewing my special guest for the assignment, who was on exchange, studying in the United Statues, particularly Chico, for the similarities in climate to his home. He talked about his mother and I was intrigued how different his attitude was compared with that of college-aged boys born in the United States. I found the region to offer many different foods I’d like to experience, even with the difference in economic challenges facing the region, and I appreciated his honesty when he humorously told me how his mom cried about his  poor diet here. It was a valuable learning experience for me to representing Brazil in a multi-faceted presentation to my class.

Relevance to the nutrition profession: Bringing awareness about a different a different culture with different media, coordinating and interviewing a guest speaker, preparing special dishes, and giving people of the nutrition profession the opportunity to ask questions of a person of another culture in a setting where it’s welcome to celebrate someone’s heritage is a special chance that everyone should be able to have, not just those interested in dietetics.

Brazil Cultural Foods Presentation