Freelance Book Layout — Moon Publications

Assignment Title:

Layout and Design of Moon Travel Handbooks

What I learned:

How to take the raw text and image files provided by the editors and author(s) of various Moon Travel Handbooks and, using Quark Xpress, learn hwo to develop style sheets and shortcuts so that text would flow onto the page and wrap around images and callouts so that they matched the pages, making sure “widows” and “orphans” weren’t left on the page to be visually distracting.

Reflection to assignment:

Each project became more complex and yet more intuitive and helped me understand how to develop other content and lay it out, whether it was using InDesign, PageMaker, Word, PowerPoint, or some other WYSIWYG developer. It also helped me to develop a sense of appreciation for hand-coding HTML and later, CSS, which provide immediate gratification and help me put a finer point on the designs I am working on.

Relevance to the profession:

These skills will always be helpful for promoting various workshops, events, and projects going on, and draw on my natural sense of composition which I enjoy working with on a regular basis.

Here are some of the books I worked on, from 1999-2000.

Connecticut Handbook, First Edition
Jamaica Moon Handbook 4th edition
Northern California Moon Handbook 3rd edition
Wyoming Moon Handbook 4th edition