OPT for Healthy Living Brochure / CNAP Internship

NFSC 489: CNAP Internship
Skill Area: Internship and Community Service
Assignment Title: OPT for Healthy Living brochure (draft)

What I learned: This assignment helped me become acquainted with the staff at the Center for Nutrition and Activities Promotion, as well as become more familiar with OPT for Healthy Living, a community nutrition education program under CNAP. Finally, I was given the opportunity to create a mock-up brochure for OPT using the software at hand, which, in that instance, was only Photoshop, reinforcing my ability to be creative and get the job done with limited resources from outside my typical layout purview in a short amount of time.

Reflection to assignment: This was one of my first assignments with the Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion, and it gave me the opportunity to work in the office with staff, many of which were students or former NFSC students, as well as people who had chosen a career in nutrition education and support. I enjoyed the opportunity to work with them and felt my skills benefitted the organization, as well as the organization introduced me to practical ways I could use my education in a career.

Relevance to the profession: Being able to present and communicate information regarding nutrition and food science is important to the field, as one of the greatest parts of dietetics is being able to educate and inform others. Being able to intern in this capacity brought my education together with skills I already had to show me how I could help to educate others. This particular assignment was meant to show only a quick overview of how OPT benefits those who could use some tips and tricks to making mealtimes easier and quicker, and impressing the value of focusing on the use of local and fresh produce in meal preparation. It is not a finished product but I included it to help illustrate ability to pull together a draft project in a short amount of time using supplied software not intended for layout, though still sufficient in a quick situation.

OPT Sales Brochure DraftOPT Sales Brochure Inside draft