Take 5 Café Marketing Brochure / Facility Development

NFSC 230: Introduction to Foodservice Administration 
Skill Area: Management

Assignment Title: Take 5 Café promotional brochure and sample operating costs spreadsheet

What I learned: This assignment was a great opportunity to take an abstract concept and use it as a concrete marketing project. I also learned the important elements required to detail operating costs of a business, and how to format this information on an Excel document.

Reflection to assignment: This assignment gave me the chance to take an idea and develop it into a concept, complete with estimating costs, that I could present to a potential investor. I needed to come up with something unique that would make my business stand apart and utilize skills I’d learned in my studies of dietetics to ensure this concept appealed to nutrition-minded patrons. It was a great blend of skills I already had and ones I have been learning throughout my studies, as well as an opportunity to be creative.

Relevance to the profession: Finding new ways to present nutrition and nutritious options is at the foundation of Nutrition and Food Science. Activities such as this one take creativity and add business concepts and the science of dietetics, providing a different way to share information and education with the public.

Marketing Brochure - Outside

Marketing Brochure – Outside

Marketing Brochure - Inside

Marketing Brochure – Inside