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Cookies and Milk Protest Night ChicoSo many things I have learned the last few years have really amazed me but nothing, more so, than picking up playing the bass. I had played piano as a kid, from ages 5 through 14, violin from 9 through 12, and viola from 12 through 18. My big goal was to get to play with the Chico Symphony at Laxson, which I did in my final concert when I graduated from high school, and then I toted my viola off to college and found out there was a *whole new level* of excellent that I just wasn’t ready to dedicate myself to, so I put my viola aside and I forgot about music for a while.

At some point, a couple of friends talked me into picking up a bass and “picking three notes” and we’d go from there. And that started a musical ride that lasted about five years. We formed a band called Cookies and Milk (I think five people heard of us) and played a few gigs to some acclaim, submitted an album we wrote and recorded in one month to an NPR contest, and then I went back to school while our lead songwriter/rhythm guitarist took a hiatus and we haven’t gotten back together since.

I miss it. So in honor, I thought I’d post one of my favorite of our songs, which we wrote and played, with me on bass and some background vocals. One of the ones we submitted and one that we played in the Chico “Protest Song” show December 13, 2007 – one of my favorite nights when we were superstars. It’s fun to prove that you can always pick up something new at any time when you want.

Here’s one of our songs: “Coultergeist” (.mp3), and I’m guessing you can figure where we came up with that name.

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