Diet Project Narrative / Case Study Diet Project

NFSC 240: Human Nutrition
Skill Area: Nutrition

Assignment Title: Case Study Diet Project

What I learned: This study familiarized me with the concept of PES statements and was the first opportunity for me to work with client details, by evaluating and making fact-based recommendations on clinical needs. These were determined by given data, which included lab testing, anthropometry, and self-reported information.

Reflection to assignment:  I was given my first glimpse at what latitude Registered Dietitians have at assessment and evaluation of data collected from an interview with a client. Researching conditions and lab values was an interesting process which brought together many of the skills and learned information I’ve gathered through my studies in order to form clinical responses.

Relevance to the profession: These are skills that will remain valuable regardless of the career path I choose, though particularly in fields where I am working to develop products and ways of helping people who have specific needs, as I am able to assess people from a clinical perspective and understand how these needs are better met.

NFSC 240 Nutritional Assessment