Menu Writing Project / Production & Customer

NFSC 430: Foodservice Procurement & Management

Skill Area: Management

Assignment Title: School Breakfast & Lunch Production & Customer Menu (1 Week Rotation)

What I learned: This assignment taught me the importance of creativity with menu requirements for a specific audience; in this case, students at an elementary school.

Reflection to assignment: Importance was placed upon not repeating a menu item during the week, as many production menus are made for several weeks at a time, and food needs to be frequent enough to be considered “known” but not too frequent so as to become “boring.” Proper vocabulary for describing food on the production menu is just as essential as descriptive language on the more attractive “customer” menus.

Relevance to the profession: Whether working in a food service capacity or developing products for food manufacturers, it’s important to be able to come up with creative new combinations that satisfy not only nutritional requirements, but desire for something different yet not too unknown. This provided an excellent opportunity to consider both the creative and the constructive sides of food production.

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