Product Development Project / Gluten-Free Pretzels

NFSC 320: Science of Food
Skill Area: Food

Assignment Title: Garlic-Dill Gluten-Free Pretzels Using Whole Grains

What I learned: I learned, with other members of my group, how to develop a baked pretzel using only gluten-free flours while still retaining the characteristics desired in a pretzel. I also gained an understanding of the value of various product assessment tools used in a public testing capacity. I became familiar with the vocabulary of product development, such as the difference between “taste” and “flavor” as well as understanding concepts such as “line extensions.” Finally, I learned the importance of writing down every detail of the process, including temperature differences and the result of altered steps in the outcome of the product.

Reflection to assignment: This project helped me take the time to understand why and how certain amendments to so-called gluten-free flours made for a better texture and final product. While I have previously tried modifying recipes to meet dietary restrictions, I have not had the benefit of a dedicated space and audience for testing variations in flavors and flours for consistency and taste. I was pleased our group’s final product tested well in our public testing, with several people requesting our recipe.

Relevance to the profession: Understanding the process of food development, especially specialty food such as gluten-free, is important when it comes to consulting with clients and developing products as a Nutrition and Food Science professional. It can be difficult to make recommendations in this field without first-hand experience, whether the professional is working in a clinical capacity or as a food technologist.

NFSC 320 Final Project GF Pretzels