Theory Based Nutrition Education Intervention Group Project

NFSC 460: Nutrition Counseling and Education

Skill Area: Community Nutrition/Nutrition Education
Assignment Title: How to Conquer Cravings in College Freshmen—A Study

What I learned: This project gave me the opportunity to understand current trends in snacking in college freshmen. This multi-faceted project required working with a group, gathering research, developing educational materials, creating a presentation to give to an audience, and contributing to a group-developed paper which delineated the theories, data, trends, and philosophies we presented.

Reflection to assignment: I have always enjoyed working in groups and found this project especially challenging as we learned the best way to work together with our vastly different schedules. Since I was of the two of the four members of our group who were returning students, I had different perspectives on the behaviors of college freshmen. This gave me distance useful in recognizing the difficulties of following through with suggestions we proposed making. I particularly remembered how important it was for me to have information that would apply and stand out as I remembered my first year of college being full of presentations that seemed to slip by me in lieu of other, seemingly more important events, such as discovering my independence.

Relevance to the profession: Education and understanding your target audience is an important part of marketing and product development. Taking the time to conduct research and work together with project members to ensure an impressive and memorable presentation is as important as the project itself; useful skills for a Nutrition and Food Science professional.

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