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doggus yapWell, I’m finally admitting to my vanity blog, my goal of adding more cute little kitty photo to the web on The Cat Birdini Seat. I probably wouldn’t have made the admission, but one of my guys, Yapper-Pants (even my cats and dog have pseudonyms on Facebook – I’m a protective-pet owner) just climbed up into that giant cat scratcher wonderland in the sky on June 3, and I miss the little bugger even more than I thought I would.

After all, he helped me through lots of tribulations during my time in school and when he was diagnosed two years ago with congestive heart failure with less than six months to live, I got the opportunity to utilize some of the nutrient information I was learning in my Medical Nutrition Therapy classes in supplementing the health of one with this fatal disease, and learned more about cardiac disease and the benefits of natural treatments as a result. In fact, he managed to live an entire two years past his diagnosis, which resulted in some wonderful quality de-stressing time for me and many opportunities for for photographs, both candid and staged with my professional DSLR.

Finally, while it’s a small benefit and barely a mention I want to make but still worth it for the education, I’ve got nearly second nature skills with Instagram as a result, and have experienced some work playing with Tumblr in sharing my favorite pictures of my boys (and girl/”Doggus”). Thanks for indulging my passion project, but remember that sometimes these are the best ways to learn how to utilize software and applications you find otherwise unfamiliar.

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