Should I Stay or Should I Go — stay local or relocate for a job

gluten free carrot cupcakeI’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about whether or not I want to stay in the Chico area for work. Part of me would love to change regions and experience new or at least different places, and the other part of me wants to stay here and work in the awesome community built up around me.

Every day lately it seems I’m finding yet another location offering gluten-free food, which is a total score. In the last month I’ve learned about:

Is gluten-free really here to stay or is it just a fad diet? It seems more imbedded in our culture than other mere diets, so the medical issues people are enjoying relief from as a result of following this way of eating must be making enough of a difference. And from what I’ve heard, we’re pretty blessed here in Chico to have such options.

So that kind of information makes it difficult to want to leave town. There must be something just waiting for me to step up and grab it. Now, to find it! 😀

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