Six months and thirteen days….

Stephanie Bird Lundberg Family Farms RiceI looked at the CSUC website yesterday to find out when the commencement activities are scheduled for the class of 2013, so I could let my family know and also solidify my job hunting deadline. The Nutrition and Food Science department graduates with the College of Natural Science, which graduates, as a whole, on Saturday, May 25, 2013. That means I have six months and two weeks to secure a job.

So far, I am more than halfway finished with my online portfolio and still need to pick up a portfolio-quality binder for my printed work. I have prepared most of the pieces of my portfolio, written a cover letter, and polished off my résumé. I even have verbal confirmations from instructors willing to write letters of recommendation for me, and a couple who are helping me search for some leads.

My personal goal would be to remain in the greater Chico area and work either in food technologist or quality assurance at a food company, especially one with an interest in promoting products that are wheat- or gluten-free. Lundberg Family Farms is currently number one on my list, not just for their products, but because I took a tour of their main office last year and felt like I’d be a good fit.

Once finals are over, I’ll start potting together my letters of introduction. Hopefully, I’ll be sporting a white lab coat and pointing out things on a clipboard soon! PS: I look halfway decent in a hairnet 😉

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