Special Diets and Required Doo-Dads

annie'sOne of the “fun” things about have a gluten-free diet is trying out new foods. Sure, it seems like a challenge when everyone around you is chomping down on pizza or ordering up fast food like it’s no big thing, but occasionally, you find that one convenient food that works for you, too. And recently, I did.

While shopping at S&S Produce & Natural Foods in Chico, I came across what I’d long hoped to find: gluten-free mac and cheese for the microwave. While I’d prefer to make it from scratch, sometimes being on the road or at work on between lectures, it’s nice to be able to whip out a bowl of mac. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that Annie’s Homegrown had come up with a 5 pack of “Wisconsin Cheddar Microwave Mac & Cheese” packs that could be taken and thrown in a bowl with some water and made anywhere. AND THEY TASTE GREAT! Seriously! I’ve had regular Kraft instant mac and I think this tastes much more authentic, scratching that cheesy itch.

There’s only one problem. It takes three minutes to cook, it gets hot, and any bowl is not going to be portable. Also, there’s the issue of boil-over and not-so-easy clean-up. Hence the “required doo-dads.”

green sprouts collapsable storage bowlI shopped and after trying out several size bowls at home, I discovered something around 24oz works the best for the boil-over issue. But carrying a microwavable 24oz bowl around kind of defeats the portability factor unless it’s plastic, and then it might melt, so I kept looking. I found this line of silicone bowls that looked promising, but they were either too small or too large. Finally, I found Green Sprouts collapsable storage bowls with lids. It came in a 20oz size – close enough – and in my favorite green. Plus, the collapsing part gives it creases that can be used as measurements for the liquid part. Perfect, if it worked.

They arrived today (I ordered two) and I whipped up a bowl to test them out. Still had to babysit it for the last minute for boil-over, but the mac was delicious, the water easy to measure, and when all was said and eaten, the bowl easy to clean. I don’t know how long they’ll last but I think they’ll find their way into my lunch bag in the future for other meals. Just hope Annie’s gets their GF micro-mac back in stock!

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