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Photography: Riding the Coattails of Musicians

I may have mentioned before that I am, among many things, a music geek. When I need to know the facts about a song or artist, I go to AllMusic.com and search it out. My husband and his friends actually refer to this when they are looking up a particular artist, say Steely Dan or Sloan, as “AllSteelyDan.com” and “AllSloan.com.” So I was pretty excited to discover, randomly, that I am referenced on AllMusic.com. Yes, there is an “AllStephanieBird.com!” OK, […]

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Missing Making Music

So many things I have learned the last few years have really amazed me but nothing, more so, than picking up playing the bass. I had played piano as a kid, from ages 5 through 14, violin from 9 through 12, and viola from 12 through 18. My big goal was to get to play with the Chico Symphony at Laxson, which I did in my final concert when I graduated from high school, and then I toted my viola […]

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Mom’s Made Dads Day with Gluten-Free Pancakes

This Saturday, my husband and I decided to treat ourselves to one of our favorite breakfasts sides: Mom’s Ham Hash at Mom’s Restaurant in downtown Chico, CA. I don’t usually go for a big breakfast but I occasionally enjoy a cup of super-charged coffee and hashed up potatoes with onions and ham, with a few polka dots of Tabasco sauce sprinkled on the top, crispy layer. This Saturday, we arrived to find a subtly changed menu. Since the Ham Hash […]

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I did it!

It’s official—I now have my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science, Dietetics, from California State University, Chico! Here’s a picture of me from just after the ceremony on Saturday, May 25, 2013. I’m proud of myself 😀 Some thoughts: I want to take all my passion and knowledge of food allergens and people’s allergic and intolerant reactions and work with quality assurance and marketing to create a line of products that will fill a whole new niche in […]

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Should I Stay or Should I Go — stay local or relocate for a job

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about whether or not I want to stay in the Chico area for work. Part of me would love to change regions and experience new or at least different places, and the other part of me wants to stay here and work in the awesome community built up around me. Every day lately it seems I’m finding yet another location offering gluten-free food, which is a total score. In the last month […]

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Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics as a career

The more I study, the more I find myself wondering if anyone out there with experience in epigenetics/nutrigenomics (ahem, UC Davis!) and as such, is it possible to have a career in this field without having a graduate degree? Or is it possible to find a job where I could be gainfully employed *and* working my way toward a graduate degree in this field? Because I have a fire lit under me and that makes me exactly the type of person you […]

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Six months and thirteen days….

I looked at the CSUC website yesterday to find out when the commencement activities are scheduled for the class of 2013, so I could let my family know and also solidify my job hunting deadline. The Nutrition and Food Science department graduates with the College of Natural Science, which graduates, as a whole, on Saturday, May 25, 2013. That means I have six months and two weeks to secure a job. So far, I am more than halfway finished with […]

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