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Introducing a New Website: DarnGluten.com; GutThinking.com Updates

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I recently have been focusing my efforts on building content on both of my nutrition-related websites, GutThinking.com and now the new DarnGluten.com. Both focus on health for the individual through nutrition, with emphasis on restricted diets because of food intolerance, allergy, or a primary health condition that requires food be restricted. Recent articles I’m proud of include: How It Is Possible To Be Fat and Healthy–A Body Advocacy Primer: — GutThinking.com Are Corn, Rice, and Sorghum Really Gluten-Free? Are “Ancient […]

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Gluten-Free and Fad Diets

A couple of years back, I was eating at the Old Spaghetti Factory with my mom, and I ordered the gluten-free pasta with browned butter and Mizithra cheese (delicious, by the way!) and I noticed the lady across the aisle ordered the same meal. However, she split the loaf of bread that came with the meal with her dining companion, making the GF pasta pointless. While I’m grateful for the influx of GF foods lately (even Pillsbury has gotten on the GF […]

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Mom’s Made Dads Day with Gluten-Free Pancakes

This Saturday, my husband and I decided to treat ourselves to one of our favorite breakfasts sides: Mom’s Ham Hash at Mom’s Restaurant in downtown Chico, CA. I don’t usually go for a big breakfast but I occasionally enjoy a cup of super-charged coffee and hashed up potatoes with onions and ham, with a few polka dots of Tabasco sauce sprinkled on the top, crispy layer. This Saturday, we arrived to find a subtly changed menu. Since the Ham Hash […]

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Special Diets and Required Doo-Dads

One of the “fun” things about have a gluten-free diet is trying out new foods. Sure, it seems like a challenge when everyone around you is chomping down on pizza or ordering up fast food like it’s no big thing, but occasionally, you find that one convenient food that works for you, too. And recently, I did. While shopping at S&S Produce & Natural Foods in Chico, I came across what I’d long hoped to find: gluten-free mac and cheese […]

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Should I Stay or Should I Go — stay local or relocate for a job

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about whether or not I want to stay in the Chico area for work. Part of me would love to change regions and experience new or at least different places, and the other part of me wants to stay here and work in the awesome community built up around me. Every day lately it seems I’m finding yet another location offering gluten-free food, which is a total score. In the last month […]

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Six months and thirteen days….

I looked at the CSUC website yesterday to find out when the commencement activities are scheduled for the class of 2013, so I could let my family know and also solidify my job hunting deadline. The Nutrition and Food Science department graduates with the College of Natural Science, which graduates, as a whole, on Saturday, May 25, 2013. That means I have six months and two weeks to secure a job. So far, I am more than halfway finished with […]

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