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Fall Into Winter Vegetables

My first article for North State Parent came out this week. North State Parent is a monthly free magazine that is distributed through the northern counties of California. The women who started it wanted to put together a resource for parents as well as promote a healthful lifestyle. The column I will contribute to is called “Localicious,” which I’ve been lucky enough to be quoted in two times previously. I’m excited about my first article, Fall-Into-Winter Vegetables, as this time […]

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The Day Facebook.com/GutThinking Hit 300 Likes

Today, my Facebook group, Gut Thinking: Interstitial Cystitis, Gluten & Nightshade Free hit 300 followers, and I’m psyched, because it only took a couple of years of heartfelt posts about diet, conditions, and products that I have found interesting to get 300 people out there in Facebook land to follow my humble little group. Now, on retrospect, I would have named it a little more smartly, but at the time, I was trying to cover the bases and make sure […]

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Analytics and Gut Thinking

About four years ago, I decided to start a blog called Gut Thinking©. The idea being that we all have “gut feelings” and half the serotonin in our body exists in our gut, plus all the variations on idioms using our guts to make decisions and having butterflies in our stomachs, it seemed like a pretty obvious decision. And so far, it’s done fairly well, considering I have neglected the blog more than I’d like to admit. I also have […]

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