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Photography: Riding the Coattails of Musicians

I may have mentioned before that I am, among many things, a music geek. When I need to know the facts about a song or artist, I go to AllMusic.com and search it out. My husband and his friends actually refer to this when they are looking up a particular artist, say Steely Dan or Sloan, as “AllSteelyDan.com” and “AllSloan.com.” So I was pretty excited to discover, randomly, that I am referenced on AllMusic.com. Yes, there is an “AllStephanieBird.com!” OK, […]

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Requisite Social Networking Kitty Blog

Well, I’m finally admitting to my vanity blog, my goal of adding more cute little kitty photo to the web on The Cat Birdini Seat. I probably wouldn’t have made the admission, but one of my guys, Yapper-Pants (even my cats and dog have pseudonyms on Facebook – I’m a protective-pet owner) just climbed up into that giant cat scratcher wonderland in the sky on June 3, and I miss the little bugger even more than I thought I would. After […]

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