Taking advantage of Spring Break to find “The Job”

Mr. OwlWith basically two months to go until graduation, I’m taking advantage of apring break in order to add more content to this online portfolio and make connections for “the job” because I pretty much want to hit the ground running starting June 1st.

I very much want to work in a cross-over position with marketing and product development in a company that shares some of the values I do or sees the potential in developing product marketed toward people with food intolerance or allergies.

I’m off to a decent start–I just received a glowing letter of recommendation from the head of my department and I met with another professor yesterday to look at contacts at regional companies. I feel pretty strongly that Lundberg Family Farms would be an excellent fit for me, however, I’m learning more about other companies, such as California Olive Ranch and Lucero Olive Oil, and I want to keep my options and eyes open.

I’ve added 4 letters of recommendation to my online resume–via hyperlinks under each job they’re relevant to, including the one from my professor. I will continue to add those as they come in, so please check back for updates.

Graduation is May 25th, and today is March 19th. That means I still have two months and one week. Wish me luck!

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