The Day Hit 300 Likes, my Facebook group, Gut Thinking: Interstitial Cystitis, Gluten & Nightshade Free hit 300 followers, and I’m psyched, because it only took a couple of years of heartfelt posts about diet, conditions, and products that I have found interesting to get 300 people out there in Facebook land to follow my humble little group.

Now, on retrospect, I would have named it a little more smartly, but at the time, I was trying to cover the bases and make sure it would pop up in searches. I didn’t think I’d get 200 “likes” which is the line where Facebook says “you can’t change your name anymore!” So, it’s a clunky mouthful, but it is what it is and it still got 100 more “likes” so how bad can it be?

I created this group to support my blog at, and it’s also been a great experiment in learning how to utilize this arm of social networking to build an audience to talk about particular subjects. Some things I post fall flat and others get people really interested. I have a couple of “old friends” on the group now and look forward to their posts or comments when they have something to say.

Because I’ve also learned that the key with social networking isn’t just broadcasting – that’s like throwing a newspaper on someone’s lawn. It’s important to get people writing back and interacting with you to have a successful conversation. That’s when the analytics go up, that’s when the advertisers are happy, and that’s when the talk gets interesting.

So, at the risk of sounding too self-centered, happy 300 to me! I hope Gut Thinking keeps growing and my experiment building a brand name keeps working out for the best. 🙂

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