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Food ScienceWe had a guest in our “Futures in Dietetics” course today – Ken Naas, Career Advisor at CSU Chico. He gave a rosier-than I expected outlook for us in the dietetics program, talking about how companies that have attended recent on-campus career fairs are way up and many local companies are looking for nutrition specialists. He also promoted the use of LinkedIn as a tool for helping network to get in touch with people in the industry.

Since I don’t plan on going on to complete a dietetic internship (DI), I often feel these talks don’t apply to me, but more for the future registered dietitians (RDs) in my classes. Still, names such as Mary’s Gone Crackers (Gridley, CA), Clif Bar (Emeryville, CA), and other popular health food companies were tossed out, and I got interested.

I plan on meeting with Ken over the break to see where I can find a good fit locally, as it’s not likely I’ll be straying far from Chico, though I’d consider it for the right company. My main goal is to find or create a position at Lundberg Family Farms, but I’m keeping an open mind. I do feel more optimistic than I have in a while, especially having mostly finished my work portfolio and being one week away from one final semester.

I found this article today, “Making it Between College and Your First Job” that gives some good tips for others in a similar situation. Hopefully, we’ll find what we’re looking for!

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  1. I absolutely love your career portfolio. It’s amazing! Just for the record, only two of my 457 classes were about the DI and the rest were for all careers 🙂

    • skbird says:

      Good point – your classes had excellent variety and I got great usage out of the materials that helped me think of other ways to direct my interests. I guess I’m thinking more of the overall “dietetics” option – it’s very DI-focused in general. But I feel that electing to follow the dietetics option was a better fit for me than the other two as it is more science-focused, hopefully leading me into a more scientific career. Thanks for all your guidance!

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