Trends in Health Coaching at Corporate Events

USDA MyPlateI’ve worked six biometric screenings at various companies now, including an Adventist Hospital, HP, JohnsManville, Recology, and Con-Way trucking company. I really enjoy the interaction with the people I’m meeting, and how diverse each group of people seems to be.

It’s fun to see how people connect the dots of their test results with their activities and diets. It’s also interesting to see trends in people’s results, and seeing how they differ from company to company, and how they are the same.

The test results usually include: total cholesterol, HDL, LDL* and triglycerides* (*if fasting), blood glucose level, blood pressure, height and weight for calculating BMI, waist circumference, and A1c (at risk individuals at some of the countries).

Some of the trends:

  • The majority of people I’ve spoken with have HDL cholesterol levels in the 20-40 range.
  • Women overall have higher HDL levels and seem to be in the 40-50 range (a few have been over 100!) whereas men tend to be 25-50 (one as low as 18).
  • Total cholesterol seems to hover around 175.
  • The majority of people fall into the obese category, which I’m only mentioning because it is one of the results that I have to discuss, even though I don’t put much weight on this figure. (no pun)

And perhaps the most interesting one of all:

  • Average triglycerides are between 150-200, and 4 out of 5 times that I saw a result of 250 and over, the person I was coaching told me they’d had a bowl of ice cream the night before.

I’ve refined my delivery through the course of the events to the point where I feel fairly confident speaking with pretty much anyone who asked me about test results. It’s energizing to be able to discuss information like this from knowledge and not just push a mouse around on a desk in a cubicle. It’s also nice to be able to work with people so that they feel encouraged about their health results.

I am looking to find more consistent work in a nutrition or healthcare environment, but I hope to have availability to keep doing this from time to time, because it’s interesting and a good way to meet a bunch of people – so far I’ve spoken with about 700 people in the short time I’ve been doing this. Maybe one of these days, I’ll be talking with you at your workplace.


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